Recruitment Solution For Overseas Placement

Choice Of The Right Recruitment agency for Overseas Placement

Recruitment Solution For Overseas Placement.
Why Choice Us?

  • Professional Process
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Effective & Efficient
  • Comptitive Price

It is the right time for your company to increase efficiency and productivity.
You can have immediate access to a quality worker that will help your business grow and succeed.

We work professionally in fulfilling your manpower needs in the hope of your expectations.

Quality Migrant Worker
Providing quality manpower to deliver the best performance in your business.

We offer an excellent service to our customer.

  • Constuction Sector
    We have access to a professional network of trained and experienced construction workers throughout Indonesia. We are committed to work with you to determine the worker that best suits to your project specifications and requirements.
  • Manufacturing Sector
    We have a network of trained and experiences workers in various manufacturing fields. Our Service are located in Batam, Indonesia which is in a manufacturing industrial area.
  • Plantation Sector
    Geographically, Indonesia is an area that has a large plantation sector, especially in palm oil. Which is we have competence and tenacity worker to meet your requirements.
  • Health Care Service
    Serve our customer with excellence hands to feel safe and secured especially to elder grup or senior citizen.
  • Hospitality Service
    Providing professional and friendly staff to service Industries.
  • Office Service
    Experienced and skiled staff will support office activities.

How It Works The Process

Our Commitment to accurately understanding our clients needs


  1. Appointments
    As part of our commitment we come and visit our client to discuss further worker’s requirement needs.
  2. Job Order (JO)
    We commit to our clients based on Job Order that has been Approved by the Employer, PT TSB and Indonesian Embassy in the placement country.
  3. Recruitment and Selection
    We offer services that include the recruitment and selection of candidates in a professional manner, consisting of ; Academic & psychological tests, interviews, and medical check-up.
  4. Documents Arrangement for Migrant Workers
    We assist in the preparation of migrant workers document based on legal requirements, from place of origin to country of placement.
  5. Pre Departure Arrangement
    Worker orientation regarding cross culture, regulations, and placement country.
  6. Departure Time
    Our Professional staff will accompany Indonesian migrant workers along to the placement country. We also make sure the workers arrived safe & sound and meet the employer accordingly.

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